Conversion Optimisation

Without a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy, you may not realise the full potential of building a practical SEO framework. 

It is vital to understand that traffic alone does not necessarily equate to conversions.

Your SEO strategy will drive traffic to your site, but conversion optimisation supports site performance, increasing inquiries and sales.  

Do you need Conversion Rate Optimisation?   

It would be better to ask, do you need to improve your business? 

If you want to have an appropriate online presence, then CRO is a must-have, just like a website or marketing. 

If you care about how you approach your customers and their experiences, do not ignore the CRO. 

In other words, it is an art of understanding the needs of your customer and optimising your performance based on that understanding.   

Benefits of Conversion Optimisation

  • It prevents new traffic from bouncing back out to Google and your competitor’s site.  
  • Compels new visitors to act and go where you want them  
  • Reduces confusion around site navigation and call-to-actions  
  • Tangibly measures what works via A/B testing

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