Pay Per Click

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is one of the best methods to reach your target audience and beat your competitors.

PPC advertising provides you immediate search engine visibility and increases both conversions and revenue for your company.

Pay Per Click

The cost for having your ads appear on top of a search page is based on two things: cost-per-click (CPC) and keywords. 

Keywords have different prices based on competitors bidding for that same keyword.

That is why PPC keyword research is essential for identifying the right and cost-effective target keywords.

At Odessi Group, we offer custom strategies utilising data-centric proven performance-based technologies that optimise your ad campaigns that allow us to increase your sales whilst continuously reducing your Cost Per Conversion. 

We combine decades of experience looking after Aussie businesses, their brands and creating advertising campaigns across all mediums that drive real business to your site and or bricks and mortar stores.

All our campaigns are implemented based on the latest technologies in the industry to provide the best targeting and results.


Utilising the latest in information technology solutions, our partnerships deliver the newest ad-tech and automation, which has dramatically changed how PPC ads are delivered and charged.

​If you are still competing with Google’s algorithm manually, talk to us.

Simply changing ads from manual to automatic allows for a much better spend of your budget and achieves stunning results more consistently, offering our customers a game-changing unfair advantage.

Odessi values every click as much as every client.

We take the time to understand, profile, and create the most profitable opportunities that work for you and your business.

Grow your business more profitably with consistent results and a team of experts who can make a real difference to your business’ success story.

Our PPC Services

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom PPC Strategy
  • AI and Machine Learning Technologies
  • In-Depth Campaign Keyword Research
  • Custom Ad Campaign Copy Performance Testing
  • Maximise Your ROI by Ad Spend
  • Optimised Ad Copy, Design and Targeting
  • Monitoring Campaign Performance
  • Regular Monthly Comprehensive Reporting

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