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Smart Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices are vital to your online success. Stay ahead of the competition and rank higher with this strategic inbound marketing tactic – optimising your online presence.

-Your customers are looking for you. Let’s help them find you.

A well-designed website is just the start on the road to real success. Without a performance-based SEO Strategy, it is a site that no one will ever see.

Whether you are creating a brand-new website or want to revitalise your existing one, SEO should be at the core of what you create. From keyword optimisation to link building, all the basics should be covered. In this age of influencers, the best modern SEO strategies also include influencer outreach programs. Implementing all these tactics takes expertise, time, and customer studies.

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Why choose Odessi Group?

Our team of SEO specialists has the intelligence to handle both enterprise and local SEO. We hold ourselves to high standards and optimise for the customers instead of crawlers. We use the industry leading standards for SEO practices, so you end up with a sustainable architecture for your site.

Starting from technical site audits and content strategy analysis to competitor studies and influencer outreach, Odessi is your ideal SEO agency in Sydney.

Starting from technical site audits and content strategy analysis to competitor studies and influencer outreach, Odessi is your ideal SEO agency in Sydney.

Combining it all with a top-notch Social Media Strategy and PPC advertisements, we can help you finally get the most out of your online sales channels.

If you create useful, relevant content, you will reach your audience. That’s what SEO is about.

FAQ on SEO Services

How long does it take for SEO to kick in?

Working on SEO doesn’t guarantee fast results. Google takes its sweet time to go over and make sure your website is credible. Ranking high also depends on the difficulty of keywords you’re targeting. It can take months to grow your domain authority. SEO is a constant journey, making sure you stay relevant and generate organic traffic from search engines.

Do you also provide content for blogs?

At Odessi, we have a complete digital marketing team that can develop content strategies and generate blogs, along with other pieces of content. Contact one of our trusted consultants to discuss your business’s SEO needs.

Is SEO worth it for my business?

Whether you have an ecommerce site or a local coffee shop, SEO can benefit your brand. Essentially, SEO is a cost-effective alternative to PPC ads. We can target location-based keywords, as well as global searchers for your products. Talk to us, and let’s get started on your web presence.

Can I buy lots of backlinks and increase my ranking?

Absolutely not. Google recognises all and any black hat tricks you may try to increase your domain ranking. Google wants you to grow organically and for the right reasons. Thus, if your backlinks are irrelevant to your business or seem unoriginal, Google will pick up on that. If you want to write guests blogs to generate backlinks, you should also be wary. Many brands use no-follow links in guest posts, which don’t increase their domain ranking. Instead, they rely on the relevance of the content to reel relevant readers into their website.

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