Cloud Based Solutions

Odessi Group specialises in Systems Integrations and Cloud Consulting.

With a combination of on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, we take organisations from virtualisation to cloud-based environments.

With strong strategic partnerships, Odessi can access the best global cloud providers and technology vendors in Australia.

As we are not exclusively to a particular Cloud or On-Premises Vendor, we can provide the right solution for each client’s specific needs.

Odessi’s expertise in cloud, networking, security, virtualisation, servers, storage, data management and end-user computing and the benefits of software-defined, hybrid, and multi-cloud architectures enable our clients to innovate and transform their businesses.

As an organisation, it's essential to manage your data and make sure that it's safe and secure.

The Odessi Group in Sydney can provide your organisation with an enterprise-grade cloud computing service, ensuring your data is safe, secure and readily accessible.

The two main cloud computing models available to organisations today are the public and private cloud.

The public cloud model provides organisations with IT resources as a service via the internet. This model operates in a standardised, self-service way where the user pays depending on the used amount. 

The public cloud is swift and effective when it comes to standard infrastructure, and it is competitively priced. With this model, there are concerns that numerous organisations have very little knowledge about where their data is stored.

For organisations that may have compliance and legal implications, the geographic location of data can often prove to be a challenge. Whether or not you have control over your data is an essential consideration for organisations trying to choose between these two models. 

If greater sovereignty is required, the private cloud model is the ideal solution. When you use a private cloud, data is stored on-premises or co-located in a data centre. 

Odessi provides you with maximum control over both your data and business applications.

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work with this type of system, and organisations need to choose how they combine the most appropriate mix of computing models to meet their specific requirements.

As a leader within your business, it is crucial to choose a system that meets your specific requirements. At Odessi, we can make this critical decision for you – after all, we are experts in the field. We can determine which system is best suited to your organisation’s needs and then implement it accordingly.

We can create comprehensive, customised solutions to suit your needs, whether you are interested in the private or public domain – or require a combination of both.

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