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The nbn™ network will soon replace most existing fixed phone (PSTN) and internet networks. When your premises are switched over to the nbn™ network, it may, unless you have already taken appropriate corrective action, affect the compliant operation of “Essential Services” such as your Emergency Lift Phones.



The EM-4GE provides a simple standalone solution to replace existing PSTN phone lines decommissioned in the NBN™ network migration.

This unique solution features:

This unique solution features:

Dual-SIM Capable

Remote Monitoring

The nbn™ network will soon replace most existing fixed phone (PSTN) and internet networks. 

When your premises switches over to the nbn™ network, it may, unless you have already taken appropriate corrective action, affect the compliant operation of “Essential Services” such as your Emergency Lift Phones.

You may need to upgrade your lift’s emergency phone to make sure passengers can contact the call centre at any time about a breakdown, even in a power failure. 

Depending on the type of services, specific devices, including those that are safety-critical such as medical alarms, may not be always compatible with the NBN™ network (including, but not limited to, during a power blackout). 

Contact Odessi to identify whether your device will work when connected to the NBN™ network and what alternative solutions are available if it does not.

At Odessi, we provide both a lift vendor and carrier-neutral solution that is fully ACMA approved, providing the most comprehensive solution available.

Odessi encompasses a complete End to End solution that is Turnkey.

Vendor Neutral

Our Australian Made Gateway Device is ACMA approved, complies with all the AS Standards and is fully compatible with all lift manufacturers in Australia.

With Odessi providing the monitored Gateway, the critical advantage removes the device from any existing lift phone maintenance agreements, thereby alleviating any further complications.

Carrier Neutral

Odessi has wholesale agreements with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, thereby enabling our customers to leverage the best network for a given location.

We will provide you with a monthly bill that includes usage and monitoring charges for your ease of use.

Monitoring Included

Our monitoring capability enables our customers and us to receive notifications of any event impacting the gateway, be it a power outage or otherwise. 24/7 Monitoring.

SLA and Maintenance

Our Maintenance Agreement allows you to “Set and Forget” with the peace of mind that all your essential services are covered.

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