Fibre 400 – Enterprise Ethernet

Fibre 400 brings business the reliability and flexibility needed to operate at scale with unlimited data and speed greater than 4x than standard NBN services. 

Fibre 400 allows business to dedicate and partition bandwidth for specific SIP Trunking and Cloud-based services.

Why choose Fibre 400?

  • Optimise your business’s efficiency and network reliability.
  • Enterprise-grade network.
  • 99.95% service availability guarantee.
  • Split up to 4 channels within the single network to accommodate your dedicated voice, cloud or point-to-point networking requirements.

Get cost-effective enterprise-grade connectivity to TPG’s core products through Fibre400. 

TPG’s symmetric 400Mbps fibre-optic connectivity.

Its flexible nature means we tailor the solution to suit your business needs. So you can use the entire 400Mbps on the internet or split it between up to 4 products such as Amazon Web Services or SIP Trunking.

TPG – Flexibility

Choose to allocate the entire 400Mbps to a single service – such as unlimited internet – or split it up to a maximum of 4 products.

You can add, remove, upgrade and downgrade your products through TPG’s award-winning portal Frontier.

Superior Reliability

Fibre 400, delivered on TPG’s enterprise-grade metropolitan fibre network, has been engineered to support the most demanding requirements. It comes with a 99.95% service availability guarantee backed by a 24/7 business support team 365 days a year.

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