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NBN  – Odessi’s NBN service provides fast and reliable connections suited to SME’s needs.

What does the NBN phone system mean for your business?

Have you received a sales call advising your phone system needs upgrading or will NOT work once the copper services have been removed due to the new NBN (National Broadband Network)?

Odessi Group have received phone calls from a number of puzzled clients concerned about the future setup of their communications through the NBN network. We confirmed with these clients that in fact their existing telephone system was compatible with the new NBN network.

These calls can be very misleading with one goal to sell you a new phone system, in most cases your telephone system is already compatible or requires a cost effective adaptor to work with the new NBN network.

Let Odessi tailor the right plan for your business to optimise efficiency and flexibility at the right price

If you do have concerns or want to take advantage of the NBN phone systems roll out please contact us to discuss all available options.

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