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Every office needs Voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line.

The NBN is superseding analogue voice services and digital voice getting closer to the end of its life; Voice over IP is now the only option that will provide futureproofing of your business.

Whether you need a hosted or on-premises communications solution, our mission is to provide the most reliable and affordable VoIP solution that’s best suited to your specific needs.

Whether your company has five employees or 1000+ employees, Odessi VoIP Solutions can provide a complete communications solution comprising voice, data, hardware, installation, training, support, and maintenance.

Whether your company has 5 employees or 1000+ employees, Odessi’s VoIP Solutions can provide a complete communications solution comprising of voice, data, hardware, installation, training, support, and maintenance. 

the benefits of voip technology

IP Phone System Solutions

Save on Telco Costs

Remote Working

Install and Add New Extensions


Easy Configuration


VoIP offers a range of potential advantages to your business, including: 

  • Cost savings
  • No more expensive line rentals
  • Access to all the latest business and company enhancing features
  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world simply through an internet connection
  • Unlimited packages available 

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