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Your logo is the face of your brand

Boost the value of your brand with an impactful and outstanding logo with our logo design services.

 Trust our team of creatives to capture the essence of your company, something that will stay true to your brand for generations to come. It must be remarkable, representative of your brand, plus beautiful to look at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your logo is one of the main factors that helps people remember your brand. It needs to be unique and identifiable. At the same time, it needs to represent your values and vision.

Without a logo, how would customers remember you?

There are 5 main variations your logo should have. At Odessi Group, we deliver the following:

  • Horizontal (with icon and text side by side)
  • Vertical (with icon on top of text)
  • Icon-based (only icon)
  • Woodmark (only text)
  • Color variations (standard and reverse-out)
Ideally, your logo shouldn’t contain more than 3 colors. Most logos only have 1-2 colors.

Different shapes convey different emotions in logos. We’ve identified the following connotations for each type of shape:

  • Sharp-edged shapes (squares and rectangles) convey balance and stability.
  • Straight lines and precise shapes convey strength and professionalism.
  • Round shapes (circles and ovals) convey unity, love, and friendship.
  • Triangles convey power, reminding people of law, science, and masculinity.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of shapes in logos, get in touch with our team of creatives today.

Many colors have specific industry associations, which should be highly considered when crafting a new brand logo. Nevertheless, the most common logo colors are blue, red, black/grey, and yellow or gold.

As much as you can try to create a timeless logo, the world still evolves, tastes change, and visuals that used to be modern become “vintage.” This is when you’ll know that your logo needs an update to keep up with the world.

You should also consider your customers’ perceptions when updating your logo. After all, they want to feel like your brand is up to date.

If you want to update your logo, our professional logo services will come in handy. Get in touch with Odessi Group to give a fresh new look to your brand’s logo.

If you want to create a brand logo that will be memorable and creative, there are some best practices you should follow. We’ve identified the following 4 rules in logo creation:

  • Don’t add too much detail
  • Make it scalable
  • Reflect your brand
  • Work well on black or white backgrounds