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Be more engaging with Odessi Group’s agile CCaaS

Enhance the experience of your customers and staff over phone, chat, email, video, and much more with Odessi’s professional contact centre solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. With Best-in-Class vendors to choose from, Odessi provides AI, call recording and analytics through to full integration with CRM, Wallboards, and much more pegging you with the world’s best practice that won’t break the budge
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Contact Centre Solutions 

Odessi Group is a bespoke, end-to-end solution provider. As aggregators, we partner with all the major contact centre solutions providers, which allows us to match you with the ideal solution for your business.

We deliver multi-vendor systems, inbound and outbound voice solutions tailored to your customer engagement requirements and goals.

Whether you are looking for the latest AI or BI technologies to
power your Contact Centre or sales team

Odessi has the right Solution Stack for your business

Meet our partners


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft CC4Teams is one of the market leaders that can deliver impressive results either as a standalone solution or integrated with some of our other vendors to truly provide a leading-Edge user experience for your staff and customers. With integrations capabilities coupled with your Microsoft 365 Suite, CC4Teams will take your business to the next level.

You get access to intelligent reporting tools, omni-channel MS Teams Rooms functionality, and an overall powerhouse UCaaS solution with Microsoft Teams.

Want to know if this is the right solution for your business? Get in touch with OG professionals for a quick consultation today.

Eclipse UC

Eclipse UC Logo

As a UCaaS platform, Eclipse UC powers teams of all sizes through its effective contact centre solutions.

Eclipse UC features over 20 integration options. It effectively becomes an extension of your operations and streamlines your business communications both with clients and your internal team.

Become agile and enhance your customer experience with Odessi Group as your trusted vendor of Eclipse UC.

Talk to one of our Odessi Group’s advisors to identify if Eclipse UC is the ideal solution for your business needs.



DialPad is a cutting-edge CCaaS and UC software solution that will power your contact centre solution needs from top to bottom.

This all-in-one digital workspace is known for its reliability, integrations, accessibility, and intelligence. DialPad uses AI to enhance your customer communication with features like meeting transcription, caller sentiment analysis, coaching, and more.

DialPad is one of the best CCaaS solutions out there. To find out if DialPad is worth it for your business, get a free consultation with one of our trusted advisors today.

AVAYA OneCloud CCaaS

As a proud vendor of the AVAYA solutions, Odessi Group has mastered this solution and will provide you with bespoke contact centre software tailored to your business needs. You can chat, meet, call, and collaborate both internally and externally with AVAYA’s OneCloud CCaaS platform. With Odessi as your vendor, you’ll also get a partner that can leverage the solution to reach your business needs and goals. Get the complete Cloud or On-Prem system and streamline your communication, no matter your size, no matter your business.



When it comes to hardware, quality comes first at Odessi Group. That’s why we’ve partnered with Yealink as one of our core contact centre solutions suppliers.

Yealink delivers professional-grade headsets, video, and conferencing technology, allowing you to always stay on the line.

Combined with powerful contact centre solutions like Eclipse UC, DialPad, or the AVAYA OneCloud CCaaS, your business communications will never fail you.


Jabra Logo

As one of the leading voice and video hardware technology suppliers, Jabra is a fantastic option that’ll satisfy your contact centre solution requirements.

Whether you need wireless headsets or conference speakers of any size, Jabra has it all.

Get a free consultation with one of Odessi Group’s trusted advisors to find out if Jabra’s voice and video technology stack meets your contact centre solution requirements.


Poly Logo

Poly is a market-leading contact centre solutions provider, delivering top-of-the-line hardware to businesses, big and small.

With Poly’s professional-grade IP Cordless or Desktop Headsets, as well as audio and video conferencing technology, you can start communicating on a more human level.

To figure out if Poly’s contact centre solutions match your business requirements, speak to one of Odessi Group’s consultants today.

About Odessi Group

Scoping the right contact centre solution that meets your business requirements can be confusing.

At Odessi Group, we scope, design, and implement a personalised Contact Centre solution to meet the desired outcomes for your business using our best-in-class vendors.

Leave nothing to chance, let our profession Contact Centre Consultants demonstrate the strong Return on Investment we have achieved for our clientele for you.

Here are some advantages you can enjoy when working with Odessi Group:

Power your customer support systems with leading-edge CCaaS solutions
tailored to your goals, wants, and needs.

Class Super is a reference customer


Class was running a 20 staff Contact Centre to manage their inbound call centre to service their retail clientele.


With non-real-time reporting and the inability to measure inbound emails along with their inbound calls it was virtually impossible to manage their agent’s activity and response times across their multichannel Contact Centre.


Odessi Group scoped, designed, implemented, and manage the full solution stack of multiple vendors to achieve the desired result.

Whilst the business case was one of a 10% increase in productivity, the outcome was much more compelling with a 40% improvement in productivity and customer engagement.

Power your customer support systems with leading-edge CCaaS solutions tailored to your goals, wants, and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an integrated multi-vendor system, you don’t simply get the best of both worlds, you get the best of all worlds. Specifically, the biggest benefits of integrated multi-vendor systems are: 

  • Accountability and cooperation across departments 
  • Stability, predictability, and reliability 
  • Proactive optimisation and seamless integration 
  • Improved end-user experience 

Contact Centre Software is a platform that allows you to connect with your customers. In contrast, a CRM is a customer database that houses all the information regarding your clients and network.  

In essence, Contact Centre Software enables communication with the customers who are in your CRM database, matching contacts with the correct departments and organising the flow of calls or messages through your organisation. 

If you are wondering whether a CCaaS is a right solution for your business, consider these benefits: 

  • Improves customer experience 
  • Makes it easier for agents 
  • Large cost savings 
  • Scalable and flexible 
  • Analyses data and business intelligence 

Talk to one of our trusted advisors today about setting up the ideal CCaaS solution for your business. 

As an aggregator of all the major CCaaS vendors, Odessi Group will match you with the best solution for your needs. To take it a step further, we will also tailor the solution to help achieve your goals and stay within your budget. 

Get in touch with us today for a quick consultation.