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Content Strategy

We put effort into research and planning to ultimately
develop a repeatable, result-driven content strategy for your brand.
Content is King at Odessi Group. But only when it’s done right

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Content Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 8 essential components in a content strategy. These 8 components are:

  • Brand guidelines and rules
  • Content marketing goals
  • Audience insights and personas
  • Research and background information
  • Reader’s journey outline
  • Content mix
  • Content creation process
  • Content calendar and schedule

An effective content marketing strategy has clear goals and processes that are set to achieve those goals. It is also aligned with your advertising efforts and moves in parallel with it to achieve your major business goals.

Content marketing aids businesses in establishing themselves as thought leaders in their markets, showcasing their knowledge and expertise.

Google uses crawlers to scan your website, gather information about the topic you are talking about, and index your site. The crawlers analyse your content, catalog all your images and videos along with their alt tags, and more.

In essence, Google wants to give higher rankings to the pages with the most relevant and useful content. So, it definitely tries to understand your website’s content to decide how to rank you in the SERPs.

The process of content creation varies from one brand to another. If the standard isn’t beneficial for you, you are definitely free to modify it to fit your needs and goals.

  • In our case, the main steps we take in creating content are:
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Ideation and structure outlining
  • Writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Publishing and promoting

With evolving content strategies, trends, and algorithms, there are more and more new ways to cater to an audience. Content strategies are dynamic and flexible, giving you complete control of where you want to go.

Some different types of best practices to enhance your content strategy are:

  • Starting a podcast (which are very trendy now)
  • Turning your blog posts into a video
  • Creating downloadable templates and checklists
  • Posting infographics and other compact information
  • Conducting a survey and creating noteworthy resources for your market

SEO optimised content refers to content that is written with SEO in mind. This means that the structure is optimised for SERPs, and keywords are used in a smart way to help the webpage rank high on Google.

At Odessi Group, we don’t create content for the sake of creating it. Instead, we put thought and effort into generating pieces that’ll yield actual, measurable results.

If you’re looking for a content strategy and creation partner to write SEO optimised content for your brand, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch, and let’s discuss your strategy today.

There are many theories around what the optimal keyword density is. Some say that keywords should be used once in every 200 words. However, some say that it should be used at around 1-2% density in the content. At the end of the day, it’s all about trial and error. Once we find the ideal keyword density to use for your brand, we will modify the content strategy to fit those metrics.