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Power your building’s essential services with a fully certified
emergency lift phones PSTN replacement from Odessi Group

Ensure you meet all lift phones requirements in Australia. Migrate to the NBN with fully
compliant elevator emergency phones, no matter your location
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Emergency Lift Phones

Switching to the NBN is critical to the operation of your lift phones during emergencies.

The NBN™ network will take over the majority of PSTN fixed phone lines and internet networks in Australia.

When your premises switch over to the NBN™ network, it may affect the compliant operation of “Essential Services,” such as your Emergency Lift Phones.

Odessi Group is a company that provides lift emergency phone services.

Elevator Emergency Phone

Our Emergency Lift Phone PSTN Replacement Gateway Options

The EM-4GE provides a simple standalone solution to replace existing PSTN phone lines decommissioned in the NBN™ network migration.

EM-4GE is a revolutionary new emergency lift phones system that provides a secure and reliable way to call for help in an elevator emergency.

Furthermore, this emergency lift phone PSTN replacement gateway for commercial buildings is configured with two independent SIM cards provided by two independent network service carriers. Therefore, in case one of the networks is unavailable, the secondary SIM will work instead.



The EM-4GE1 Elevator Emergency Phone is built for home lifts or non-commercial buildings, that is configured with a single SIM card to dial out in an emergency or when a person needs assistance.

EM-4GE1 is a revolutionary emergency wireless lift phone that has been designed to provide a safe and secure environment for passengers in elevators. This phone features an easy-to-use emergency dial function that can be used to contact the relevant authorities in case of an emergency.

In addition, the EM-4GE1 Emergency Wireless Lift Phones is the best and most reliable device for emergency use.

Emergency Wireless Lift Phones
PSTN Gateway Provider

Working with Odessi Group

OG is one of Australia’s leading lift service companies, delivering reliable PSTN replacement emergency lift phones to commercial and home elevators.

Here are some reasons you may consider engaging with us:

What You Need to Know About Migrating to the NBN

The nbn™ (National Broadband Network) is replacing the existing copper network and internet connectivity, which may interfere with essential services in buildings, such as Emergency Elevator Phones in Australia.

Since the migration of these services to the NBN doesn’t occur by default, Moreover,you will need to check lift phone requirements in Australia and ensure that you comply.

If needed, update your emergency lift phone PSTN replacement gateway to ensure anyone can contact your call centre in case of breakdowns during emergencies like power outages.

PSTN Replacement Gateways

At Odessi, we deliver an end-to-end solution to power your ACMA-approved emergency lift phone PSTN replacement gateway



Partially Shipped


Web Application Firewall



SLA and

Migrate to the nbn™ and ensure the continuous operation of your building’s essential services with emergency wireless lift phones from Odessi Group.

For more information or for an obligation free consultation, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the introduction of the nbn™, the analogue landlines are being phased out. If your current Emergency Lift Phone hasn’t been upgraded to a mobile gateway yet, it’ll stop operating during emergencies like power outages. Thus, to ensure the continuous operation of your essential services, you must switch over to an Emergency Lift Phone Gateway provided by Odessi that meets all lift phone requirements in Australia.

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Emergency Lift Phones will only operate during power outages if your building has been upgraded to the nbn™ network. Unless you install a PSTN Replacement Gateway that meets all requirements in Australia, you will not have the compliant solution for your sytem to operate during a power outage.

Our Australian-made Emergency Lift Phones are fully compliant and designed as a set and forget solution for building owners to ensure they are fully managed and monitored by Odessi.

We are an aggregator of the major Australian network carriers, allowing us to install the correct network options to ensure the continuous operation of your lift phones no matter your location.

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All Odessi installed Gateways are monitored 24/7, with a highly sophisticated monitor system that identifies outages, emergencies, battery replacements, SIM card failures, and much more. Essentially, you get peace of mind that your lift phone is always connected. Additionally, we offer a “set and forget” maintenance option, which delivers a lifetime warranty, and no questions asked replacement in case of any failure under warranty conditions. With Odessi Group, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your essential services.