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Best-in-Class Managed IT Services

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Generate more business growth while we manage your IT Support.

Unless you specialise in IT managed services, an in-house IT Team can be inefficient and costly. A Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) can take the heavy load of managing your IT and End-user Support Services more cost-efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activity and growth. 

Ultimately, you’ll save money, time, and resources, which you can reinvest in your core business. 

Why choose Odessi Group as your Managed IT Services provider?

We are a cyber-oriented Managed IT Support Services Provider. With our highly qualified and experienced team of IT gurus, you don’t need to worry about hiring and training IT staff or whether your IT infrastructure can support your core business functions. 

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Get more from your IT budget

Remote Access Service Desk

Get desktop, telephony, server, and infrastructure support from OG's all-in-one IT Service Desk with an interface that understands user behavior, technologies, and your critical applications.

Responsive On-site Technical Support

To adhere to the highest standards of Managed Services, our IT specialists provide both field-based and office-based support.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Consultancy

Keeping your information secure is our #1 priority task. We implement strategic steps to ensure your IT Managed Services meet all IT security standards, enforcing proactive IT health checks and testing.

We deliver full-service Managed IT
Support to businesses across Australia

NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Sydney, Melbourne,
Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Newcastle,
Hunter Region, South Coast, Wollongong, Canberra, Geelong


Managed Desktop Support ​

Odessi Group delivers fast, responsive, and effective desktop support. Contact us through email or telephone, always being sure that our experienced IT service technicians will manage any problem through resolution, keeping your team productive and with minimal disruption. 

End-User Support

Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced Managed IT Support team and support your end-users better and faster. 

We evaluate and align your end-user computing environment with industry-specific standards to provide a technical and efficient approach for an exceptional end-user experience. 

Network and Infrastructure Support

Avoid vulnerabilities and data loss with an up-to-date network system infrastructure.  

We build bespoke environments that’ll fit your business goals and growth plans, keeping your business operations running as smoothly as ever and within your budget. 

Let’s get started on your IT Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services are a way to outsource IT maintenance and management for your business. Pay another company to solve your company’s IT problems. This allows organisations to provide comprehensive, continuous, and unlimited IT support for a fixed, predictable monthly fee instead of billing on a per-incident basis. Finally, it is a way to outsource IT maintenance responsibilities for an organisation, also aimed at reducing operational costs and improving operations and processes. Our goal is to provide a team of highly skilled and proactive IT professionals to free up your employees to focus on core business tasks and free up time to running the business. Our IT team can help you solve all your problems. Feel free to contact us today

The goal of a managed service provider is not essential to replace your current IT staff, but time to focus on your role as a core member of a team actively working to achieve and sustain your organisation’s core business objectives. is to earn provide on-demand IT support, ensure continuous business continuity, and create disaster recovery plans for worst-case scenarios. At the same time, we have an in-house team of IT professionals for small businesses that cannot afford or justify full-time employment. Please feel free to contact us. We have all the answers you need. Request a free quote.
Now you may be wondering what exactly the benefits of managed IT services are. One of the most immediate benefits of working with a managed IT service provider is reducing your organisation’s ongoing IT costs. By working with our team, you are not only ready to provide technical support whenever you need it, but also proactively work to anticipate problems, mitigate and fix them before they occur, and be fully prepared. All of these operational benefits are provided to the company at a flat, predictable and ongoing fee. This is also just a fraction of the costs a company faces when hiring in-house staff with a similar level of expertise. Plus, you can benefit from our team’s experience in technical services not just for your company, but for many other organisations and industries. Drop us a message and we will reply shortly.
Working with a managed IT provider benefits your business financially by allowing your employees to focus on their core tasks. In addition, such providers have little incentive to work to ensure reliable and continuous uptime of their business-critical IT systems, and technology always causes problems, resulting in longer downtime and employee frustration which are less productive while paying more for IT support and dealing with them. IT services managed by OG make things easier. Please contact us for more information.
Expert and professional IT support is not just for large companies with huge budgets. This service model has been designed to support a wide range of organisations, starting from small and medium enterprises. Streamline your operations, enjoy more reliable systems, and reduce operating costs. And instead of worrying about how serious the next big IT failure will be for your business, benefit from our proactive approach to reducing the number of problems you’ll encounter and focus on your business instead. Contact us Today
Managed and outsourced IT services have things in common but differ in their delivery and approach. Experts in both fields give you the technology and IT infrastructure support you need. While consulting services end with fulfilling a specific requirement, an MISP will help your company’s IT improve your organisation’s overall IT health over the long term. While an IT consultant paves the way for the efficient use of IT, a managed and Outsourced IT service provider efficiently manages and operates the client’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. Managed services deal with the implementation required to run a particular application or service while IT consulting is more related to consulting.Get a free consultation now