IT Solutions

Our company is passionate about serving the IT needs of clients that operate in a variety of industries, including; Architecture, Construction and Engineering, Medical Research, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Legal and Retail.

We deliver proven solutions that are easy to use, feature-rich and fit for purpose. Our core principles focus on selecting the right solution for each client, providing unparalleled technical expertise and delivering exceptional service whilst demonstrating an unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Your journey starts with our deep understanding of your business objectives, goals, outcomes and builds a pathway on transforming your business to achieve the result digitally.

Why Us?

Cloud Solutions Odessi Group has been thriving since 2010 because of:

Odessi Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Expertise

We have extensive experience, partnerships and expertise in solving the unique challenges associated with adopting Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures.

Odessi Independence 

Our focus lies in providing the ideal solution for each client’s specific needs by not aligning with any single vendor or model.

Odessi Tech Teams

Odessi brings global consulting firm skills to the Australian market.

Odessi Market Focus

We understand the trends and challenges unique to the mid-market.

Odessi Experience

We were at the forefront of cloud integration in 2010 and had over 80 years of combined experience with mid-market clients.

Our end-to-end offerings: we deliver from strategy to procurement to implementation and managed services.

Our innovative approach: we pride ourselves on continually bringing new and innovative offerings and solutions to the table and will challenge the status quo collaboratively and constructively that optimises and delivers value to our clients.


  • Access to our expert consultants expands your own IT Team without employing new staff.
  • You only pay for what you need with flexible levels of IT support for your specific requirements.
  • Our response times are guaranteed to make sure you get the support right when you need it.
  • Proactive, scheduled maintenance services will optimise your systems availability and overall performance.

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