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Internet Solutions

As aggregators and high-quality ISPs, we provide a range of Business Internet from the major carriers in Australia. We combine NBN™, Telstra™, Optus™, and TPG™ internet & network services and deliver all in one seamless single bill based on your location
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The NBN asynchronous internet is fast and reliable. If you’re looking to power video calls and fast data transfers for your small business, consider OG’s NBN Internet with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Odessi Group delivers hybrid connections from any of the major providers, giving you the best possible speeds for your location.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

This adaptable, easily scalable, and most importantly, fast solution works for businesses of any size and situation.

If you run any of these operations, you should consider engaging with Odessi Group to obtain the NBN EE solution:

  • Team collaboration through tools like Microsoft Teams
  • Heavy data transfers, uploads & downloads
  • High-quality video conferences and voice over IP
  • Backup and storage through cloud solutions

Need more Speed? We provide the following and much
more depending on your office location:

Fibre 250

This 250Mbps unlimited fast internet solution is a base that can grow with you, alongside your company.

Check Fibre 250 pricing in your location: “Click here

Fibre 1000

Up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) unlimited internet speeds, over 10x faster than standard NBN.

Check Fibre 1000 pricing in your location: “Click here

Fibre 400

The 400Mbps business broadband unlimited internet solution will support your business requirements to the tee until you decide to upgrade.

Check Fibre 400 pricing in your location: “Click here

Migrating to the NBN or looking for a new Internet Service Provider?

With the expertise of our leading telecom team, you’ll be in good hands. When you engage with OG, you get help with:

Identifying the right internet solution for your business.

Understanding whether your devices are compatible with current networks or if you need an upgrade.

Delivering a solution that fits your budget and business requirements best.

See which providers offer the best solution for your business and location

For more information or for an obligation free consultation, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an asynchronous network connection, data flows one direction at a time. It is inferior to synchronous internet because it gives slower upload speeds, more interruptions. Although it comes at a lower price, you only get what you pay for. 

When upload and download speeds are equal, the internet type is symmetrical. In the case of fibre, it is symmetrical and asynchronous. For example, with 500 MBPS fibre internet, you get a 500 MBPS speed for uploads and 500 MBPS speed for downloads. Being powered by optic networks, this is possible with fibre internet. 

There are 4 main differences between synchronous and asynchronous speeds: 


– Synchronous internet is faster with fewer interruptions 

– Synchronous internet provides equal download and upload speeds. Asynchronous internet gives slower upload speeds than download speeds. 

– Synchronous internet connections might be more costly than asynchronous connections. 

– Synchronous internet speeds allow you to send larger files over the internet. 

Cable internet, unlike fibre internet, is asynchronous. This means that you get faster download speeds than upload speeds. Since people usually download more than upload, giving people more downstream bandwidth made sense at the time. Plus, asynchronous internet is cheaper than synchronous connections. 

There are 4 major types of internet connections: 

  • Cable 
  • Fibre 
  • Satelite 
  • DSL