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Social Ad Campaigns

Impactful, helpful, and result-driven social ad campaigns drive success

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SMM Platforms


Hit the target with relevancy

Sometimes, potential customers need a little more convincing to convert.

Our remarketing and retargeting actions will instill trust and keep them engaged with your brand.

Personalised ads for each platform

All social platforms have certain types of audiences. We make sure to personalise each ad and mold them to fit the specifics of each platform.

Social Display Ads

Organic-seeming integrations

We try to build ads that don’t interrupt a user’s social media experience. Instead, we enhance it and show them relevant content that they want to see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media ads are advertisements on social media platforms that boost your posts according to a specific goal. They come up in social media feeds and attempt to grasp the attention of targeted users through impressive visuals and text.

Usually, social media ads aren’t on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, although this option is sometimes available. Instead, social media ads focus on reaching as many people as possible, so they are billed on a pay-per-1000-impressions basis.

Paid Search Ads are more keyword focused and text-heavy, appearing based on a user’s search. On the other hand, Paid Social Ads are more predictive and targeting-focused, showing your ads to those who match your set audience type.

In short, you could say that Paid Search ads focus more on what specific people search on Google, while Paid Social Ads target them based on interests, demographics, previously recorded activity, and algorithms.

Conversion rates are always higher with Paid Search vs Social PPC. Paid search gives advertisers access to an audience who is looking for a specific product or service, so the goal innately is to convert. Social PPC or impression ads on the other hand, focus more on reach and seamlessly integrating into the user’s usual entertainment/leisure time of scrolling on social media to boost engagement and reach.

PPC Ads usually refer to Google Search Ads, while PPC social ads are advertisements placed on social media platforms. In essence, the term “pay-per-click (PPC)” refers to the format in which your ad is billed. However, social ads are usually billed on a pay-per-1000-impressions basis.

Social Ads usually require some form of a visual to go along with the text to be boosted. These ads appear in a user’s social media feed and attempt to prompt an action from the user, usually with the goal of either building brand awareness, generating website traffic, boosting engagement, gaining new followers, or generating leads.

Running social media ads is only the first part of the journey. Next, we have to figure out how it worked and what we can learn from them. There are many metrics we can use to measure the impact of social media ads, which are set up when strategising. In general, we measure social PPC impact through either return on ad spend, leads generated, engagement rate increases, or other types of goals.