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Social Media Marketing

A brand in 2022 can’t afford to be off social media The way you present your brand online dictates your potential customer’s attitude and their likelihood of converting. Nurture your followers through social media marketing to turn them from strangers into brand advocates

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Social Media Marketing Services

If you’re not on social media, you may as well not exist.

Social media is one of the main “locations” where customers can find and learn about you.

Your social media pages also indicate that you are active and operating.

83% of people will trust a business more if they have a social presence.

If you post relevant content and have a considerable following, potential customers will be impressed and become more eager to know your brand.

Why Odessi Group?

Here at Odessi, we understand the importance of your social media presence.

Whether you want to use social media for generating leads or keeping your community updated on news, our social media marketing agency is here to help.

We aim to build a bespoke digital ecosystem that’ll not only bring traffic but generate leads and become a sales channel for your brand.

Our team of creative social media experts knows how to generate engaging and entertaining content paired with enticing visuals, to help you make impactful first impressions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 different types of social media platforms where you can run various social media marketing campaigns under different formats. These 5 diverse types of SMM include:

  • Social Networking Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Photo Sharing Platforms like Instagram
  • Video Sharing Platforms like YouTube
  • Interactive Media Platforms
  • Blogging Platforms like Medium

With Odessi Group’s SMM strategy and services, you can conquer all 5 different types of social media platforms. Get in touch, and let’s discuss your custom SMM strategy.

Organic growth is tough to achieve, but it’s never impossible. Social media marketing platforms are built on the basis of algorithms. If you create relevant and useful content that will be interesting for your niche audience, these social media algorithms will show your posts to a wider audience. This way, you’ll be able to grow your audience and reach a wider network through organic growth.

Trends are constantly changing, and the content that used to go viral might not do so now. This is why you need a custom strategy for your brand to conquer social media platforms like a pro. Some best practices for creating catchy social media content are:

  • Keep up with what is trending.
  • Trigger emotions and provide actual value through your content.
  • Understand your audience and customise your content to cater to their interests.
  • Keep it short and simple.

If you’re struggling to create engaging content for your SMM plans, get in touch with Odessi Group’s team of creatives.

The country with the highest volume of Instagram users is the USA, followed by India and Brazil. If you are debating whether or not to start promoting your brand on Instagram, you should calculate the size of your potential audience and decide whether it is worth it for you.

The optimal posting frequency on social media for each brand is different. Some businesses benefit from posting more often, such as 1-2 times per day, while others don’t need to post as frequently.

If you want to figure out what the optimal frequency for your brand is, get in touch with Odessi Group’s SMM experts today.

When it comes to Instagram Reels, you should focus more on quality than quantity. If you have the capacity to post 4-7 Reels per week, you should definitely go for it. However, if you are struggling with organic growth and entertaining Reels, an SMM agency in Sydney like Odessi Group can help.

The budget for SMM is different for each brand based on their SMM goals and industry. While social media is largely based on trial and error, you can skip wasting time, money, and efforts on trying to learn everything from scratch. Simply get in touch with SMM campaign experts like Odessi Group and you’ll see results sooner than you expect.