Information Technology (IT) Security

Did you know that the collapse of critical infrastructures caused by cyber-attacks is currently ranked 2nd amongst the risks to our world? 

The security of IT infrastructure is becoming more and more important in people’s and companies’ lives.

The security of your business is imperative; your digital property can become subject to regular attacks. If you look at the average cost to businesses affected by cyber-attacks, you’ll understand the reason you should make cybersecurity a priority.

For many years, our IT experts deliver solutions across the spectrum, helping small and large companies reduce digital attacks by performing an innovative approach that kicks the perfect balance between people, processes, and technology.

Our IT Security Solutions – 4 key elements:

  1. Identity and Access Management

We provide secure access to critical apps and data. We create a solid authorisation across a dynamic ecosystem. 

We help you take control over the process of interaction between your users and applications, data, services.

  1. Data-Centric Security

Many companies do not know where their sensitive data is, making them more vulnerable from a security perspective. 

Thankfully, Odessi has developed a data-centric security program to take control over sensitive data. We help you define the objects you need to protect and ensure the protection process is always on the right level.

  1. Application Security

No doubt, apps make life easier, they are fun, and they provide innovative solutions. The more popular they get, the more insecure they become. 

We enable you to modernise your apps by using our comprehensive services securely.

  1. Program Strategy and Operations

We help you upgrade your cybersecurity strategy by evaluating your security program and develop an efficient plan of action.

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